Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello New Titans..  I thank you for taking the time to read this page so you c an learn more about The Teen Titans Project.  First let me say, this is a FAN FILM and I do not own rights to any DC Characters nor am I claiming too.

This project has been something I have wanted to do ever since I saw the Fan Made trailer for GRAYSON.  The Teen Titans is something that has not been touched in Regular or Fan Films and I want to be the first to do it.  This blog is to let you know of 2 things.  The first is that This Live Action fan Film of the Comic book version Teen Titans is coming and we will begin filming in March of 2013.  The second is to let you know how you can be of help.  Bellow will be the link to our facbook Page and Twitter page.  Spreading the word about this project is of great importance to us, as people need to know about this upcoming project.  We are doing this not only for the benefit of making a good Fan Film, but creating something that everyone can enjoy.  Comic book fans and non-comic book fans alike.  As such, in the near future we will be starting a KICKSTARTER in order to raise funds.  We have the man power, the idea and the talent.  Now all we will need is the help and support from fans such as yourself to Launch this project. So take a look at our Facebook and twitter pages bellow so you can keep up with current Titan Updates.  And keep looking out for the launch of our KICKSTARTER..  Until then fellow fans, I thank you for reading and hope you will support us in this wonderful upcoming project.




Tuesday, June 12, 2012



FB FAN PAGE FOR THE FAN-MADE SHORT FILM THE TEEN TITANS PROJECT.  In no way do I own the rights to any of these characters. Nor am I trying to claim the rights to them.  Im doing FAN-MADE SHORT because I love the series and for the entertainment of the fans. Besides, no one has even touched the titans yet in the live action fan-based world. IM GONNA!  https://www.facebook.com/teentitansproject

                                                               Casting Is Always Fun
Alaina Whitney as Starfire
So many people want to get a cast that looks EXACTLY like the people in the comic books.  Or they feel that they already need to look like these people.  Ya know, like Gracy May sitting in the cornere over there, needs to look exactly like Wonderwoman before you cast her.  But as we all know, it doe not happen that way. The audience just needs to have that feeling of "Oh, ok.  I can see her being *insert hero name here*" When casting, you fist need to see if they can pull off the look.  Some make up here, and few hair changes there and we could have a great match!  But it don't mean jack nada,  if they can't act. That more than anything is key.  You ever had a Boyfriend or Girlfriend that "looked the part" but when you started talking to them there was just nothing there. Same with casting.  They have to make you believe that They are ROBIN, or that they are STARFIRE..  If you have that bases, then your mind begins to find ways to make them work for the roll. Here is an example of the person who will be playing Starfire.  Ok, so there's really no example to be made, I just wanted to show off my Starfire :)  But I do believe that she will pull off the role well, along with the rest of the cast.  Well, that's it for now. Work to be done, Titans to be recruited.  Share this page and visit the FB fan page https://www.facebook.com/teentitansproject

-Titans Together, Titans Forever!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The The Idea

As I mentioned in a previous post, the inspiration of this short came from an old Fan-made movie/trailer called GRAYSON.  The story focused on a "what if" story.  What if, Batman was killed, Dick Grayson(the former robin) came back to Gotham to solve his murder and at the same time he took up the Batman mantle.  But did it as Robin.  The unique thing that they did was make the short in the form of an epic trailer.  And I gotta say, they did a wonderful job. There have been other fan films of the more major super heroes such as "Batman Dead End" or "Patient J", but none of them ever had the "sidekick" as the main attraction.

So it got me thinking about a Fan Film I could possibly do and use the "grayson idea" of making it into a trailer.  There was no way I was going to try and touch GRAYSON and do another Robin short, but I did want to focus on the younger generation of Heroes.  As I started doing some digging  around, I found that no one has done anything with The Teen Titans that's fan-film related.  The Titans are literally virgins when it comes to the world of live action.  So I wanted to be the first.  Just in case you are wondering, this short is being based off of the Comic book version of the titans.  When Tim Drake(Robin III) joined the team. As I started reading through almost all of the Teen Titans comic books I saw that it had a in depth story line. Main characters that you grow to love dying, unseen betrayals, etc.   It also deals with alot of things we went through as teenagers.  Juggling many things at once, living up to someones expectations, love and trying to find yourself.  The Titans had to deal with all of that PLUS have the huge responsibility of being the next generation of heroes. Don't get me wrong they had their fair share of villains to fight but at the end of the day their main concern was them being closer as a Team.  They felt that the Justice League had forgotten what its like to be a family.

Also while going through the comic book version of the titans, you don't get a "happy feel."  In almost every book you see the team dealing with one trial after another(including multiple deaths), so it has a much darker tone than say the "Teen Titans" cartoon on cartoon network.  As a director, this is a huge factor for me because the mood has to fit the comics. The camera work, costumes, tone of the actors, everything   When I think about how this film is going to turn out, I almost get a Watchmen or The Dark Knight sort of vibe.   Something that makes the audience connect with the character and keeps there body in suspense.  Well, enough of me thinking out loud.. Time to get back to work..

-Titans Together, Titans Forever!    

Friday, May 25, 2012

How it began

    Have you ever sat back, looked at something and said to yourself  "I can do that."  I know I have many times. And when I saw something 7 years ago I remember saying "Im sooo doing this."  I'm a videographer, editor, and Photographer.  Im not claiming to be all bad ass but I believe im pretty good at what I do.  And I'm getting better all the time.  Iv made short films when I was in college.  You know the ones..  Where you get a bunch of your friends together to make this awesome movie, that was not so awesome.  Well that's how I started out..  But as my time in school passed, I got better and now here I am, Graduated, wanting to take that next step..  making a fully funded short film. And ya know, a recently graduated college student has alll the money in the world to just up and start a project right?!?  Even so, there are many things that stand in the way of talented people who have an idea. maybe they dont know how to get the idea out, or possibly they have it all written down but no tools to make it come to life..

    For me, its money.. The only thing standing in my way is money.  But ya know what?? I do not care.  Iv been wanting to make a Fan-Made Live Action Teen Titans short ever since I saw GRAYSON 6 years ago.  The trailer made by Untamed Cinema.  It made me see things in a whole new light and sparked my creativity to a higher level. And if I let something like money stop me from reaching what I want to do, then Ill never get it done. With 14+ characters(full costume) being in this film, its gonna be a challenge.  But hell, the things in life worth having will not always be easy to reach..  So I will fight, claw and push my way to this goal..  And once I finish this goal, ill do another and another and reach my reality.  So here I come! TITANS TOGETHER, TITANS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!